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Attention All CIOs: Are You Alleviating These Top 3 Social Media Concerns?

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Social Media CIOYour role as a CIO is constantly evolving. As the business world becomes more tech-savvy, your primary focus should be on enabling your business to grow through new technology and improved processes. But how can you ensure organization growth occurs? The most important aspect of organization growth involves aligning IT with business goals.

While most businesses are turning towards social media efforts to create new business opportunities, it’s imperative for you to address security threats and business concerns, in order to achieve the growth and opportunities available through social media.

So what are the top concerns regarding social media? And how can you help to alleviate these concerns? According to a survey conducted by IDG Research, here are the top 3 concerns:

  1. Security

When it comes to social media adoption, business executives are highly concerned about data security and access control. Recent studies show that companies have an average of 178 social media accounts. And that’s a fairly large amount of social media accounts when you consider how many individuals are accessing these accounts. Also, these individuals may or may not be communicating with existing and potential customers on behalf of your organization.

  1. Compliance

The risks associated with noncompliance are severe, from penalty fees to bad press to reputational damage; all business executives fear compliance issues resulting from improper social media usage. When a breach occurs, it’s almost impossible to recover. And while your business may meet current regulatory compliance requirements, regulators are always releasing new regulations.

  1. Reputation

Businesses are starting to utilize social media more than ever before. Most employees have personal experience with social media, however, personal experience doesn’t translate into business experience. When employees post inappropriate content, the consequences include brand reputation and loss of customer confidence.

As a CIO, it’s important to ensure security, compliance, and appropriate social media skills within your organization. A social media policy can help you alleviate concerns while achieving the growth and opportunities available through social media.

To learn more about alleviating these concerns, give us a call or send us an email. We can help you develop and enforce a strict social media policy to protect your organization.

Build a Reliable Reputation in Your Law Firm by Outsourcing Your IT Services.

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Law Firm IT ServicesIf you run your own law firm, you understand that it isn’t easy dividing your energy into two sectors which include; focusing on keeping your law firm productive, and trying to fix issues that arise with your IT services. You might not always understand the software required to run billing and accounting needs, or how to properly fix an issue occurring through your network. Just like your law firm needs 100% of your attention in order to succeed, so does your IT; that’s where outsourcing your IT services comes in.

By outsourcing your IT, you are getting an all-in-one package deal; IT professionals will work for you around the clock and keep your law firm IT services up and running smoothly. In areas you may not be experienced in, they will be; they bring many things to the table including IT experience, resources, and professionalism. Many outsource IT companies focus on keeping your company productive, preventing issues from occurring when possible, and avoiding the old break-fix method. This is important to your law firm, you have lots of clients who depend on you and your attention needs to be focused on providing them with the best possible service while still maintaining a properly functioning IT for when you need it.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT:

  • Cost Savings: Many IT companies set you up with fixed-monthly plans for overall care of your IT services. This prevents surprise costs of hiring someone to come and fix your IT whenever it breaks down; also saving you money by avoiding downtime and fixing issues before they even occur.
  • Experience: Professional IT providers are experienced, and will know how to properly handle your IT in ways you may know nothing about. They understand how to prevent IT issues from occurring, and will handle your IT following the legal guidelines required. IT service providers have multiple resources on hand and can provide your IT with exceptional care, ensuring it excels for your business.
  • Focus on your business: Outsourcing your IT services allows you to focus on what’s important, including; attending to your client’s needs, ensuring employee productivity, maintaining an organized workplace, and giving you time to do proper research or deliver important legal papers.

Time is essential when it comes to law firms; you want your time to be divided properly by focusing on what’s important. Outsourcing your IT services allows you to excel in all other areas of your law firm, bringing in more profit and increasing your professional reputation.

Call us or email us to start outsourcing your IT services today. As your trusted legal IT experts, we will help get you set up so you can get back to building a reliable and professional reputation in your law firm. 

Are you still denying your Business Increased Productivity by not Outsourcing your IT support?

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Outsourcing your IT supportIf you are still relying on an employee within the business to fix issues you are having with your IT, you’re denying your business the chance to perform at its 100%. By outsourcing your IT to the professionals, you are adding so much more value to your business and here are some reasons why:

1.     You’re leaving it to the professionals

By relying on an employee who is not qualified when it comes to IT, you’re not assuring the problem is fixed, or if it’s even done right. This can bring on some serious complications in some cases; turning small issues into bigger issues, and allowing them to re-occur. Outsourcing your IT is leaving it to the professionals who know what they are doing, and can keep your business up and running smoothly. Most IT professionals concentrate more towards on keeping your IT running and preventing issues before they occur, then just the standard break-fix method. You can lower your downtime and keep it that way ensuring your business stays productive.

2.     Saves You Money

Aside from the obvious of saving money by reducing downtime, you can also be saving money by outsourcing rather than having a professional sit around in your business waiting for an issue to come along. Outsource IT businesses are equipped to keep your business up and running with 24/7 support; fixing problems when you aren’t even aware, or even sleeping for example. Rather than spending endless amounts of money for someone to just fix problems when they happen, causing you to lose even more money for downtime, or paying for their benefits and vacation/sick days, leave it to an outsource IT company to provide you with around the clock guaranteed support for a fixed monthly price.

3.     Around the Clock IT Support

By outsourcing your IT, you are paying for around the clock professional IT support. Experts are always working for you making sure your business is functioning properly and preventing issues from causing you downtime. They work both remotely and onsite; most of your IT issues can be fixed through your network, but if it is more complicated or physical, they will send a professional to your place of business to fix it as soon as they can.

Outsourcing your IT to professionals lets you focus on what’s important and running your business as bet as you can. You aren’t expected to run a business and be a professional when it comes to your IT, that’s why it’s important you hire an expert and make sure your IT is getting the care it deserves.

Social Media Do’s & Don’ts For 2014

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Check out this great infographic from Magiclogix. Click on the graphic below to expand.


Think Your Favorite Websites Are Safe? Think Again! Heartbleed Puts Your Data at Risk for Theft

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heartbleedHave you heard about Heartbleed?

Google and security firm Codenomicon recently released details about the dangerous security flaw, also known as Heartbleed, in OpenSSL Web servers. OpenSSL is used to secure communications between servers and clients on the Internet. Heartbleed enables hackers to access websites and steal sensitive data from affected versions of OpenSSL.

If you’ve already heard about Heartbleed, you’ve probably applied the patch and changed your passwords for all of your online accounts. If not, it’s imperative to contact your local IT Company to apply the patch on all computers in your office. Also, change your passwords immediately! Your sensitive information, including passwords and credit-card numbers, is at risk for theft.

Check Your Favorite Websites for Heartbleed Vulnerability!

Heartbleed impacts a variety of common websites. If you haven’t checked for vulnerability, your sensitive information could be at risk. Here’s a few tools to check your favorite websites:

You can also check CNet’s list of websites that have been patched to prevent the security flaw from stealing information. If you’re visiting websites on this list, contact the company to ask if they’ve patched their software and installed new SSL certificates. Once you’ve verified this, change your passwords to protect your sensitive information.

Delete Your Web Browsers’ History, Cache, and Cookies to Remove Saved Passwords!

Once you’ve verified your favorite websites and changed your passwords, delete your web browsers’ history, cache, and cookies to remove saved passwords. While this is time-consuming, it’s critical to protect your sensitive information. Also, review your bank and credit-card statements for suspicious activity. Heartbleed enables hackers to access websites and steal financial information. If you do notice suspicious activity, call your bank to report the activity.

To learn more about Heartbleed, give us a call or send us an email. As your trusted IT security team, we can help you stay up to date on the latest threats to your information security.


Urgent Notice: The Latest Security Flaw May Be Stealing Your Confidential Data!

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SSL SecurityOn April 8th, 2014, Google and security firm Codenomicon released details about a security flaw in OpenSSL Web servers. The security flaw, also known as “heartbleed”, enables hackers to access websites and steal massive amounts of data from vulnerable versions of OpenSSL.

Warning: Heartbleed Impacts Websites Potentially Used by Your Employees

As a business owner, it’s critical to take action immediately to prevent data loss and/or theft. Heartbleed impacts a variety of common websites potentially used by your employees, including the following:

  • Comixology
  • Imgur
  • OculusVR
  • Yahoo
  • Flickr

And that’s just the beginning! An estimated two-thirds of Web servers use OpenSSL, which means Heartbleed could impact social networking websites, company websites, commerce websites, and even government websites. While these websites are commonly used, employees must be extremely cautious. Heartbleed allows cybercriminals to access and steal passwords, healthcare data, and banking information.

Now you’re probably wondering, “what can be done to protect confidential information while using affected websites?” We’ve downloaded Fixed OpenSSL to prevent data loss and/or theft resulting from Heartbleed.

Please Contact Us To Help Secure Your Confidential Information

The fix must be installed on your operating systems, networked appliances, and software to secure your confidential information. Please contact us so we can install the fix for all users in your office.

To learn more, give us a call or send us an email. We can help you stay protected against the latest security threats.

Beware of the “Ring and Run” Telephone Scam! Keep Your Eyes Open for These Area Codes

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Telephone ScamCybercriminals are taking advantage of your curiosity with the latest telephone scam! If your telephone rings and the call appears to be from area code 473, don’t answer the call. This scam, designed to charge you outrageous rates for answering the phone, has been around for years. And it’s striking again so beware.

Many victims believe the area code 473 is domestic, however, it’s not. The area code 473 is actually signifying an international call, which will be extremely expensive to answer or call back. In fact, cybercriminals ensure the number appears as a premium service number, so you will be charged $20+ for the first minute after answering the phone. So what kind of tactics are used to make sure you answer the phone?

  • The caller will ring once and disconnect to intrigue you.
  • The caller will wait for you to answer then make sounds of distress and hang-up.

Both of these tactics are used to lure you into their scam. This scam primarily targets victims throughout the United States. The cybercriminals responsible for this scam tend to avoid using Canadian numbers. If your phone rings from the area code 473, don’t fall victim to your curiosity. As they say, curiosity killed the cat, but in this case, curiosity leads to a shocking phone bill!

The Evolution of the “Ring and Run” Scam

Prior to the wide-spread popularity of the Internet and cellphones, 900 numbers and pagers were incredibly popular. The “ring and run” scam used these numbers to call victims, however, people discovered the scam and avoided answering or returning calls from 900 numbers. The extensive amount of new area codes has led to an increase in “ring and run” scams. It’s difficult to recognize the difference between a domestic number and an international number.

You can stay safe by avoiding phone calls from the following international area codes:

  • 809
  • 473
  • 284
  • 649
  • 876

For a more extensive list of international area codes used in this scam, visit

To learn more about the “ring and run” telephone scam, give us a call or send us an email. We can help you stay up to date on the latest scams targeting your area.

Leave the Old “BlackBerry Using Lawyer” Stereotype at the Door, Apple’s in Charge Now.

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Lawyers iphoneIn a recent survey on “Apple in Law offices 2013” conducted by Clio, a cloud-based practice management solution, Apple products are becoming a lawyer’s number one choice in the mobile workforce throughout North America. There are quite a few reasons why lawyers are choosing to go with the iPhone and the iPad, Apple realizes importance of the mobile workforce in an industry that works around the clock, which have influenced their offerings and applications to be focused towards keeping law firm’s productive at all times. Clio focuses on helping lawyers make great use out of their technology; therefore they conduct annual surveys of Apple product uses by lawyers.

In Clio’s survey, they have found that in the year 2013, 74% of lawyers are using iPhones, and 67% are using iPads. With the iPad only being introduced in 2010, there has been a significant increase of every 2 out of 3 lawyers using one. This is sad news for BlackBerry having dropped from 27% to 2%. In 2013, the usages have greatly improved from iPad usage jumping from 57% to 67% and iPhone usage skyrocketing from 12% to 74%. When Clio asked lawyers why they chose to go with Apple their main response was due to product releases and OS updates, other reasons being due to reliability, security, and usability.

Apple services provide lawyers with managed apps, enterprise single sign-on, and per app VPN’s to help keep your work and email documents secure and hidden from other users. They make it easy for you to deploy books and apps you have downloaded to your employees with ease. This makes sure you all keep on the same page and use the same applications. Your Apple device is made easy to use so you don’t have to waste time calling IT service providers for help, and you can get right to work. While the survey has been conducted mainly on lawyers in solo and small law firms, it is definitely a growing trend among all law firms. If you are currently still using a BlackBerry, or Windows phone, it’s time to start re-evaluating your mobile choice and consider relying on Apply to increase your company’s mobile workforce productivity.

To learn more about the use of Apple’s technology in the law firm, give us a call or send us an email. We will provide you with added information on how to get started with Apple products in your company. 

Why Outsourcing Your IT Support Is The Best Decision You’re About To Make

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Outsourced IT SupportIf you’re still keeping your IT support in-house, you might want to change your mind after reading why that’s a bad idea. By outsourcing your IT support, you will be choosing first class IT service providers, to keep your data private and protected, and to always have your technology kept up-to-date. More and more companies are deciding to reach out to third-party managed IT providers for the fact that it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage all data, hardware, and computing resources in-house. Third-party IT service providers understand IT is a huge contributing factor to your business and that is why they make sure your data is always kept safe in case of a disaster.

Reduce Your IT Costs:

By choosing a third-party IT service provider, you are eliminating costs for recruitment, company benefits, and on-going training by hiring in-house. Most IT service providers offer you fixed-monthly payment plans, this includes having your hardware upgraded and always kept up-to-date, and eliminates the costs for software licenses. By having in-house IT support, you are risking huge costs in downtime and loss of productivity by having your staff try to solve problems they know nothing about.

Focus on What’s Important:

While running your business, you need to have your attention directed to your staff, costs, and customers. That is how IT service providers help you; they take care of the IT perspective so you can give your 100% to growing and supporting your business and not troubleshooting software, hardware, or user issues.

Increase Productivity:

When you have your employees constantly being distracted from their primary roles to deal with IT issues, there is a loss of productivity which leads to loss of profit. By hiring an IT service provider, you will have access to a live help desk technician at any time that will diagnose your issues quickly and fix the problem. This leads to speedy problem resolutions, reduced downtime and lets the rest of your employees focus on their primary roles.

Latest Technologies:

With technology constantly changing at a fast pace, it’s hard for someone who is unqualified to keep up. Hiring an IT service provider will always keep you updated with the newest software upgrades on a fixed-monthly payment. This eliminates need for always paying for hardware upgrades and software licenses; also the time wasted updating your own technology. Professional IT service providers have accreditations and partnerships with leading technology providers such as; Microsoft, Sage, Cisco, and Avast. The technology aspect of your business will always be improved. They also offer disaster recovery plans which will keep your data safe and secure on offsite databases to prevent data loss due to disasters.

Hiring Your Own Staff:

Hiring your own staff is very time-consuming and expensive. Also, without a technical background, it’s hard to find someone who is properly equipped with the tools and skills your IT requires. Professional IT service providers have highly trained specialists on hand with all the latest industry qualifications. Forget about stress of hiring the unknown and put faith into professionals who are always up-to-date with a knowledgeable skill set.

Stop Carrying Heavy Books Full Of Legal Research To Your Next Trial

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legal Research AppsLegal Research That Fits in Your Pocket

Alas, a new way of doing legal research that doesn’t require carrying around big heavy books everywhere you go. If you’re an iPad or iPhone user, you’ll be happy to know you can do most, if not all, your legal research by downloading an app. With hundreds of law apps, you’ll have a fast growing library of legal research apps at your disposal anytime you want and wherever you want. These apps range from affordable to free, they also give value to an iPad if you’re a lawyer. Research is important to all lawyers, all the time. Why not make it easier and have access to this research anytime you need it. How convenient!

Although there are hundreds of legal research apps, we’ve chosen a few with reviews to give you an idea of what they’re all about:

  • The Law Guide (Free): Developed by, a free legal advice website. There are over 11,000+ definitions and 300+ articles for Law Guide and FAQ’s. It also includes a Lawyer directory, Legal forms, and Law journals.
  • dLaw ($1.99 and up): Offers a wide variety of free legal research resources including a legal dictionary, Federal Rules of Civil Procedures, Evidence, Appellate Procedure, and more. Allows you to purchase more resources including: State and Federal Codes and Regulations, the Manual Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP), and Uniform Commercial Code.
  • WestlawNext (Free): Allows quick access to your previous searches, contains 125 years of West’s proprietary analysis of law, and you may organize your research into folders, take notes, or run on KeyCite.
  • RuleBook ($1,99 to $24.99): A fast and convenient way of viewing federal and state court rules. Allows you to highlight, note, and bookmark sections. You can also have access to material without being connected to the Internet, search an entire library by keywords and phrases, and always be kept up to date when rules are amended.
  • Cite-Checker ($2.99): A quick reference guide to formatting citations for legal memoranda of briefs and other documents. It covers federal and state cases and statutes. It also provides various rules with easy to understand examples.
  • HeinOnline (Free): Access to world’s largest image-based legal research database. You also have access to content by citation, browse by volume, and can navigate a volume via table of contents. Full advanced-searching techniques are at your disposal.
  • OpenRegs (Free): Take the Federal Register wherever you go, you can find recently issued notices of proposal and final rulemaking. It allows you to browse by agency or comment periods, you can mark individual regulations with a star for future reference, and you are able to email your findings to colleagues.
  • LawStack ($1.99 to $9.99): This is referred to a “Legal library in your pocket”, provided is the U.S. Constitution, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Federal Rules of Evidence, and Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. You may download additional federal and state documents within the app.
  • Courtroom Objections ($2.99): Helps you make and meet objections in court, provides you with common objections and responses, gives you objection categories to review.
  • LawBox (Free): This app is a combination of legal reference and search utility. It has the fastest full-text legal search engine on any mobile device, and allows you to download state and federal codes. Your codes, bookmarks, and notes are stored on your device to use anytime without the Internet. They will continue to add states and updates.
  • FastCase (Free): This app has cases and statutes from 50 states and federal governments. It allows you to customize and sort your search results, search by citation, key-words, or browse entire statute collections. The app can be synced with desktop apps by using Mobile Sync. The app is always updated daily.
  • Black’s Law Dictionary ($54.99): This would be one of the more expensive apps available. It has been the standard for language of law for over a century, being the most widely cited law book in the world. You have access to legal definitions at any time, and anywhere.